NC AND BCC work together for more security of citizens and business

- We have initiatives for small legislative amendments with big effect. In our country, as you know, small things are hard done. We, as law enforcing jurists, confront every day with problems which certain texts in the laws bring after them as the notary contacts directly with the citizen. It is normal for him to seek changes in the laws and to propose them. The most recent proposal for a change is that which we prepared together with BCC for arrangement of the parking spaces. Some may say that this is a small change but it is essential because several hundred thousand Bulgarian citizens have parking spaces but the status of these spaces once as a thing and once as a right is not arranged in our legislation and a lot of problems arise when it comes to mortgage or to inheritance. There are many arguments and this leads to insecurity. This can be overcome. We had a working meeting at which was Prof. Metodi Markov, separately we consulted with Prof. Vladimir Petrov, with Prof. Georgi Boyanov, there were representatives of the Cadastre, of the Registry Agency and we created a vision which is not a concrete text, we have ideas and with the Chairman of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber Eng. Glosov we prepared a letter addressed to different state institutions – MRDPW, the National Assembly etc. to work out the concrete texts. Along with BCC we work for more security of the citizens and the business.